Students at Marie Little Austin of Dance are under the direction of Marie Little Austin and Dianne Little Banks. Over the years we have taught many children to enjoy the art of dance. As they approach high school age, students will be allowed to audition for the pride of Marie Little Austin School of Dance, “The M.a.D. Dancers.”

The M.a.D. Dancers are a Dance Team that performs locally and will compete in national competitions. They will participate in raising funds for two seasons to sponsor a New York City Dance Education Trip. During the week-long trip, they will study dance, compete in National dance competition, and see many sites of the “Big Apple”. The trip is a once in a life time experience for M.a.D. Dancers. The M.a.D memories are forever.

We believe our dancing school provinces an excellent atmosphere of learning and dance enjoyment. Our students gain self-confidence, poise, and love for the art of dance. Being part of a team and learning how to work together to reach a goal is an important part of life. This skill will help them achieve goals throughout their lives.

In the future, we hope all of our students will look back on their dancing day’s fondness and S.M.I.L.E.!

Thank you